You will need a strap to follow this segment, so that the muscles get the full opening effect while staying in a contracted state.
If you can find 10 minutes twice a week, your wrists will return the love through greater mobility, increased strength, and best of all, less wrist pain.
Don’t let your ankles hold you back: Get them mobile and bulletproof!
These drills might just make all the difference in eliminating discomfort and improving your performance.
Here are seven stretches to do after lifting sessions for the areas of the body we often forget about.
As much as we want to work through things and be tough, we have to recognize when it’s hurting more than helping.
There's more information available concerning warming up for workouts over cooling down afterward. Time to change the conversation.
Injuries aren’t a curse. They’re feedback.
Your level of priority to assess, review, and reverse postural issues should be high.
If your work has you hunched over a computer all day, here's an easy way to get your back up and moving again.
We are not lumps of clay that can be molded by tugging on things. Our nervous systems are actually what is in charge.
Until you fix the root cause for your tight hamstrings, you are chasing a never-ending problem.
You can train your body to bend the same way you train it to be strong: systematically and progressively.
Discover functional hamstrings with some useful hamstrings lengthening work.
Five minutes of twisting into various shapes isn't going to overcome the other 99% of your day that you spend getting tight.
Flexibility is as much about the mind as it is the muscle.
Revisit the fundamental principles of stretching to get the most out of your training.