Clean Eating Is Not the Answer

Prince Williams

San Luis Obispo, California, United States


Clean eating is not the answer.


So now that I have that out of the way, I already know what you’re going to say: This is what we have been taught for years, Prince. Yes, you are absolutely right, we have been taught this concept for many years now, but just because we have information floating out there that suggests that this is the way to go, I propose a question.



Why, as a whole, are Americans the fattest, but yet healthiest nation? There are a lot of people giving nutritional advice that don’t have clue about nutrition on a physiological level, nor the educational backing to be giving nutritional advice.


This has lead to a host of problems for many people, metabolic damage being one of them. My formal education isn’t in nutritional sciences, but I do have a unique understanding of physiology. My formal education is in exercise sciences, which includes nutritional training.


Calories In Versus Calories Out

If you look at portion sizes and the amount of food that is available to us now than was available in the past, and you add in a few variables such as less movement and less activity, you are looking at a huge epidemic that doesn’t have a quick fix.


Part of the problem, especially in today’s society, is many people want the quick fix. I won’t bore you with long-winded physiology, but what it ultimately comes down to is “calories in versus calories out.”


It will always be that way to the very end of the earth. We are bound by certain physical laws on this planet, and the law of thermodynamics is one of those things we can’t beat even if we wanted to get around it somehow.


Thermodynamics states that it comes down to energy in versus energy out. However, this does not mean you can eat whatever you want; don’t try it. That’s not it either. The answer is moderation.


In using moderation as a guide you have to understand that there are no “clean” foods, they all break down on a physiological level to the same macronutrients. Is there a better way to eat? Yes of course, but anything can be programmed into your normal eating patterns if you build the right relationship with food.


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Push the plate away a little bit more, move a little bit more, drink a little bit more water. “Come on, Prince, it can’t be this simple.” Yes, it can, with the right coaching and development. I teach people how to develop the right relationship with food and teach people how to eat according to their goals and this isn’t a generic cookie cutter plan.


It’s very individualized and I want to give you some independence back so you’re not miserable on the journey to a new you.

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