Gymnastics strength training provides countless benefits to those willing to commit to the process.
The gymnast bridge will increase your flexibility, and is great for body control and coordination, too.
Why start moving and controlling other things before you have learned how to move and control yourself?
Get better handstands, freestanding handstand push ups, press hand stands, and handstand walking.
If you want strong lats and phenomenal core strength, then the front lever is an exercise for you.
Besides looking awesome, the back lever is a whole-body exercise with emphasis on the back and core.
You’ve spent hours doing technique work, playing with bands, and watching progressions. So what are you missing?
Here's how you can build up the strength to do strict HSPUs in your workouts.
Here are several progressions that will help you on your way to a strict headstand push up.
Flexibility is the factor that holds most people back from doing a pistol. Here are two great approaches to build that flexibility.
Here are two ways to change handstand push ups in order to make them exactly as difficult as you need it to be. These two ideas will allow you to create useful progressions for yourself.
If you've built a solid base with lead-up stunts, then practice your kick-up, you’ll find the balancing isn’t too bad. By following this smart progression you’ll cut your learning curve in half.
This article is going to explain the five proper foundational movements to get your first bar muscle up - and how to do so without injuring yourself in the process.
In this article you’ll learn to balance on your hands out in the open. Just about anyone who is willing to put in the work will be able to accomplish this goal in time.
I've coached hundreds of athletes and coaches on gymnastics. Here are some of the most common issues and misunderstandings I see in regards to gymnastic movement.
Doing a handstand against the wall is not a complicated move. It takes some coordination and balance, but with a little practice, just about anyone will be able to achieve this.
How do you progress when the load is bodyweight? And in particular how do you progress when the exercise has a large skill component such as handstands?
It wasn’t until I attended the current CrossFit Gymnastics certification that I realized bands are not essential, and can even be a crutch to an athlete’s progression.