Training, Recovery, and Nutrition for the 40+ Runner

It’s been said many times by many coaches, that the wisest runners are those who train smarter, not harder

Runner's Knee: Who Is at Risk and How to Prevent It

How do you know if you are experiencing PFS (runner's knee), as opposed to the normal aches and pains you feel after a hard run?

Get Rid of Your Garmin to Boost Your Performance

When was the last time you ran without any pace or time goals? Ditch the Garmin and focus on enjoying your runs.

Why You Should Drop the Marathons for 5K Races

Seeing yourself get faster, fitter, and leaner by doing shorter, higher-intensity runs might be just what you need.

Running Is the Killer App of the Human Body

Modern cavemen are all the rage. Paleo-eating guys with beards trying to reconnect with their inner savage. But are they missing the most important step?

Sole Sisters: Forming Lasting Bonds Through Running

Recognize and cherish these relationships. I guarantee they change your life.

Biomechanics, Gender, and Running Economy

A new study investigated how the lower body impacts running economy and helps (or hinders) performance.

Everything to Know About Ultra-Marathons

Considering trying your first ultra? Here's what to expect and how to adjust your training for success.

Midstance to Midstance Running Program Does Not Affect Performance

A new study found the MMR running method affects gait, but not performance.

A Beginner's Guide to Running Gear

As long as you have a pair of running shoes, you can run! But how much of the other stuff is worth investing in?

FMS Suggests Low Injury Risk in Experienced Distance Runners

A new study used the FMS to determine whether distance runners are at an increased risk for injury.

When You Hit the Wall in Training: 5 Ways to Fix It

Ideally, desired adaptations will occur without an over-accumulation of stress. But for some, there's just no getting around that wall.

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