Running: The Exercise Equivalent of Vegetables

As a good parent, do you let a kid off eating his vegetables, which you know are good for him, or do you make him eat the green stuff?

How to Manage Pre-Race Anxiety

Anxiety or stress, if elevated, can result in a variety of negative reactions. Learn to control it.

How to Save Your Runner’s High From Becoming a Runner’s Low

Because most runners can’t imagine not being able to run, they tend to ignore the warning signs of impending injury.

How to Recognize, Fix, and Prevent ITB Syndrome

ITB issues, if caught early enough, can be dealt with quite easily.

How to Calculate Your Training and Recovery Balance Sheet

Think of training as currency. Once we spend it, there’s little chance to get it back. In the case of running, many of us overspend and wonder why we have essentially gone broke.

4 Tips for Getting Your Mojo Back - Running Mojo, That Is!

One minute you are getting faster and stronger, and feeling as if you're on top of the world. Then all of a sudden something happens. What do you do? How do you get your running mojo back?

Because We Can: Why We All Need to Run

I’m a big believer in doing what we are born to do. Some people are built to be really strong, or fast, or go for long periods of time. But we are all built to run.

The Ups and Downs of Running: How to Properly Run Hills and Stairs

Changing up your run training with stairs and hills helps improve agility skills, speed, muscle endurance, and so much more.

What You Need to Know About Buying Running Shoes

While it may seem overly technical, I can verify that knowing what sort of foot you have and a few details about shoe design will make buying shoes incredibly easy.

The Hamstring-to-Quadriceps Strength Ratio in Female Runners

Strengthening the hamstrings is crucial for performance and injury prevention. A new study investigates the relationship between hamstring and quadriceps strength.

Shoes or No Shoes: How and Why to Build Up to Barefoot Running

What' strange is that there’s no evidence to suggest that barefoot running actually works. Shoe manufacturers scream that with minimalist shoes you’ll fix all that ails you. But will you really?

Running Performance: Is Smaller Better?

Body composition impacts many aspects of athletic performance. A new study investigates its relation to respiratory compensation point, or RCP.

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