Strength & Conditioning

Simple Rep Range Rules for More Productive Strength Training

Simple repetition range training protocols will enhance your ability to recruit more muscle tissue over time.

A Simple Protocol for Testing Your Work Capacity

This test was created for the military, but anyone can use it to measure his or her fitness level. It can also be used to test the clients at your gym.

Real Functional Training Is Simple: Montessori Realism in the Gym

When we lose sight of simplicity, our so-called functional training can actually backfire.

The Two Best Exercises for Increasing Your Vertical Jump

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted a higher vertical jump. Here are the two things that make a difference.

The Muscle Clean: The Best Way to Teach the Clean to CrossFitters

Teach your clients how to clean competently using this detailed, by-the-numbers system.

Circuit Training Doesn't Get You Fitter

Something to note here is the definition of fitness for most textbooks - VO2 max. Lifting heavy weights quickly doesn’t improve it.

Science Finds the Best Way to Calculate Resting Energy Expenditure

How do you find out many calories you burn each day? These formulas can help.

Sandbag Misconceptions: The Truth About Effective Sandbag Training

“Sandbags? Really? We talking about sandbags?” Look through these three points for a new look at sandbags.

4 Drills to Strengthen and Injury-Proof Your Neck

Although football players and wrestlers need neck strength, it’s a wise thing to train for anyone, women and children included.

4 Cues From Toddlers to Help You Get Stronger and Perform Better

Learning to walk doesn't stop with our first steps. Here are some movement lessons from the shorter, less agile humans out there.

Science Tests Blood Flow Restriction Training on Elderly Clients

A new study suggests blood flow restriction helps elderly clients get bigger, but not necessarily stronger.

How to Adjust Sets and Reps to Fit Your Training Goal

It's time to understand the numbers. The key is to know what each is for and not to do more reps than you have to.

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