Strength & Conditioning

Movement as Animation: Teaching CrossFit "By the Numbers"

This careful, one-pose-at-a-time animation approach makes it easy for new athletes to pick up complex movements.

Cardio Before Strength Elicits Better Hormonal Response

Running on a treadmill before lifting weights correlated with a higher response from anabolic hormones.

How Being Fit Can Keep You Safe and Improve Your Day

The ability to escape a dangerous situation is the most serious display of functional fitness, but our fitness comes in to play in all aspects of our day.

Grow Older and Get Stronger With Our Mature Athlete Workouts

With these workouts from strength and conditioning coach Tom Kelso, aging can be an opportunity to get stronger than ever.

A Database of 100s of Exercises to Spice Up Your Workouts

Stuck for movements to include in your workouts? Download these six PDFs and you'll never be at a loss again.

In Over Your Head: Pro Advice for a Better Overhead Squat

What's it good for? Why should you do it? What are the secrets that make the it better? Read on for all the answers.

The 4 Undebatable Fundamentals of Training

The undisputed truths all good coaches know and with which all good keyboard warriors can arm themselves in their never-ending debates.

Regarding the Current State of S&C Coaching

Mark Rippetoe called out collegiate strength coaches for dubious methods and lackluster results. Like it or not, he has a point.

A CrossFitter’s Guide to Interval Weight Training

I’d encourage anyone looking to incorporate assistance and specialty exercises into their CrossFit programming to give IWT a try.

5 More Tips for Achieving Your Goal Physique

It's time to look at five additional tips to keep you on target for that better body without wasting your time on worthless pursuits.

Does Your Diaphragm Need a Warmup?

In a recent study, investigators wondered if warming the diaphragm up just like your other muscles would be of any benefit.

Anderson's 1,200lb Squat: Did He Do It?

Did Paul Anderson really squat double what anyone else even thought of squatting, several times a day?

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