Strength & Conditioning

4 Lessons Everyday Athletes Can Learn From Professional Athletes

Professional athletes have long known that the only “secrets” to success are to bust your ass daily and do it for years.

How to Eat Healthy and Train Hard on the Road

Being on the road can be stressful, especially if it is because you are moving. Here are a few tips to keep your diet and fitness on track.

What Is "Group Personal Training" and Does It Work?

What I do is something of a hybrid between personal trainer and group exercise instructor, which is to say, I am a group personal trainer.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly About Squats for Female Runners

What you gonna do with all that ass? I can tell you what I’m going to do with mine - keep on squatting.

Seeing Through the Scam Marketing of Fitness Magazines

There are times when savvy marketing sounds pretty enticing. But under the surface some things stink like a dead rodent.

You Are Not Normal - Here's Why

For the most part, none of us are perfectly average. We need to design programs that are more individually focused.

5 Fitness Challenges That Will Strengthen Body and Mind

Strength of mind comes from learning to push forward even when uncomfortable. Physical duress is a fantastic way to empower yourself.

Save Time and Get Stronger With Single-Set Training

Many believe more is better, and so fail to experience what true, all-out effort entails when strength training.

Every Plan Has Holes: Connecting the Shoulders, Hips, and Core

Every single training plan has a hole in it, and you will need more than any single tool to fix it.

The Goldilocks Question: Is Your Gym Too Big, Too Soft, or Just Right?

If you're trying to select a gym and don't know how to choose, the childhood storybook character might have a lesson for you.

Build a Better Warm Up for a Better Work Out

Warm up may not the sexiest part of your day, but you know what else isn’t sexy? Being an immobile and injured ball of meat.

When It Comes to Food, Options Can Be Obstacles

Having more options might not always be a good thing, especially for men, says a new study.

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