Strength & Conditioning

How to Cure a "Motor Idiot"

Even for the worst affected, there is hope for these clients if you are able to help them find the joy in training.

Power Optimization Part I: Old Time Strongmen

In this series of articles I will attempt to answer what is best: power optimization or power efficiency? Let's start with how old-time strongmen trained.

How Should an Injured Athlete Recover? William Wayland Explains

Strength and conditioning super genius, William Wayland, answers a few of my questions to help all of us stay healthy.

The Paleo f(x) Experience: Food, Fitness, and a Lot of Fun

At Paleo f(x) I learned a lot about fitness, nutrition, happiness, and even hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Advanced Options With the Max Effort Black Box

One thing I’ve fought with the implementation the MEBB template was the overachieving, what-else-can-I-do personality. So, I added speed and volume tiers.

A Biologist's Perspective on CrossFit and Gymnastics

Twelve science-based articles from massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, biologist, and CrossFit trainer Amber Larsen.

A Flow Chart for Determining the Value of Your Training

Wondering if what you're doing is worth your time, effort, and money? Use this chart to assess the value of any exercise you may encounter.

Coordination Training for Future Champions

For the young athlete between the ages of seven to twelve, coordination training should be the main ingredient in his or her development

PAP for Improved Sprint Performance: No Barbell Required

Heavy lifting has a known PAP effect, but new research suggests a more practical solution for field athletes.

Strength Training Does Not Increase Critical Power

Recent studies support the idea that strength training benefits endurance athletes, but the exact reasons why are a bit elusive.

HIIT Helps Maintain VO2 Max, But Not Soccer Skills

High intensity interval training is good for some aspects of sports performance, but not necessarily all of them.

Study Questions the Effectiveness of Oxygen Supplementation

Many athletes use oxygen supplementation to help them train for events at high elevation. But does it actually work?

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