Strength & Conditioning

Successful Pull Ups for Beginners: Say No to Bands

Bands are much like drugs - once you get hooked, it is difficult to get off them.

Train Barefoot to Increase Your Lifts and Avoid Injury

Your feet just take you from point A to point B, right? You don’t need to train them. Oh, but how wrong you are.

30 Minutes of Exercise Per Week Improved Health in Overweight Clients

A new study found short workouts led to significant health benefits.

What I Wish I Knew as a Beginner Strength and Conditioning Coach

If I could go back in time and tell myself five things I wish I would have learned sooner, they would be these.

How to Eliminate the Problems With Your Press

The middle portion of pressing lifts is the most problematic. How do you get past these sticking points?

5 Basic Training Principles You Need to Revisit

Training with these five basic principles will keep you healthy, injury free, and getting stronger for years to come.

The Dark Place of Competition (Where We Learn and Grow)

Training is a safe place. But it is only in the deep waters of competition that we can truly learn about ourselves.

7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight (or Keeping It Off)

You're going to need to do more than count calories or exercise to stay lean. Here are some tips for success that you might not expect.

Developing Explosive Hip Power for Improved Speed and Performance

Great athletes have great hips. And all athletes need hip mobility, stability, and explosiveness.

The Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Neck

Balance and locomotion, lower risk of injury, and quality of breathing - possessing a strong neck has an upside for anyone.

Strength and Conditioning: The Way Arnold Would Do It

Return to the golden era of bodybuilding with a full month's worth of old-school, hardcore workouts, chock full of exercises that have withstood the test of time.

You Are Missing the Point With Your Complexes

The original intent of complexes was a bit deeper than just beating yourself to a bloody pulp.

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