Looking for workouts you can do anywhere? Or maybe you're just really into bodyweight exercise? Here are eighteen weeks (54 workouts) that need no equipment, and are totally free!


These workouts were designed by Breaking Muscle co-founder Mindith Rahmat. Mindith has trained extensively in yoga, kettlebells, and CrossFit. She is the definition of a fitness enthusiast and is always studying the experts. She has pulled all her knowledge and findings together into these bodyweight workouts.


Just click on the cycle name to download a PDF containing a 6-week program.


bodyweight exercise, bodyweight workouts, no equipment workouts, free workoutsBodyweight Workout: Cycle 1

Don't let lack of exercise equipment stop you from getting strong. These bodyweight workouts require minimal equipment and the space of a yoga mat.


Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 2

No fancy gym equipment? No problem. The bodyweight workouts require only the space of a yoga mat. This is the first of two cycles focusing on building up to a one-arm push up.


Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 3

No equipment and no excuses. The third cycle continues to focus on building up to a one-arm push up.




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