End of the week, and it doesn't get any easier. Rest day is going to be a great day.
It's a benchmark day today, to the sound of Suicide Tendencies.
Balance is the key word for today's lifting technique exercises.
Working on positional and mechanical improvements in single and double kettlebell lifts.
A quick, light, simple three movement day with an added strength builder to finish it off.
Training should be rewarding and frustrating, satisfying and discouraging. It should be fun and miserable, comfortable and uncomfortable, both confusing and crystal-clear.
The training continues to emphasize technique development.
A kettlebell dominant day of work followed by some restorative movement for the back.
The pull-ups in today's challenge add extra layers of difficulty.
A lot of power moves today and some overhead lift building.
The goal is technical, powerful, high-paced work- rest as needed in order to perform each round to full ability.
The dumbbells are out today and they're moving in all directions.
We've got a Tabata mash up and a challenging set of balance exercises for you today.
Snatch on toes is an excellent and challenging exercise to force the timing of your movement under the bar for the catch.
Work on position and range of motion because that is the only determinant of what weight you put on the bar.
Today's goal is fluid, seamless transitions from movement to movement, and hand-to-hand switches from side-to-side.