It's a day of variety in mace work, hitting your body every angle and twist.
Kettlebell and barbell routines dominate the day.
The most basic of lifting days with standard movements, no variation. Should be a strong day.
Your rest strategy is going to come in play today because you're going to need it.
An active recovery day with supplemental exercises to fire up your nervous system in a different way than when you lift.
A tough round of deadlifts kicks off the workout today and it doesn't stop there.
This challenge is helping one veteran raise awareness about Veterans' Suicides. Deceptively simple, it will tax you.
Floor work with kettlebells adds an interesting twist to this workout.
Power snatch, clean and jerk variations dominate the day's challenge.
The bench press: often neglected and overlooked in box gyms. Still has a place to play in overall fitness and strength development.
Incorporating a nice neck and shoulder release routine to end a challenging round of upper body strength builders.
The kettlebell back squat takes center stage today.
This challenge can be followed by anyone. It is deceptively simple, and it doesn't take up a lot of your time.
Working the high pull takes precedence today.
The entire sequence today is performed with one kettlebell.