End the week on a high note and make sure you're ready for your rest days.
Some heavy duty kettlebell work today will get you primed for the end of the week.
When it comes to the last training day of the week, you get to see how well you lift. Just pure lifting.
It's benchmark day and another milestone workout.
Watch out for a banded handstand push up that adds a unique twist to today's challenge.
Nice to see the front squat taking precedence today.
High pulls and extensions get extra play today.
Hump day comes with its own challenges, like this one.
We're going to change things up a little and try some one-arm assisted push ups.
Sometimes burpees just sneak up on you and when they do there's no escaping them.
You know it's a big day when you finish with some long back squat sets.
There are some variations added to the movements today to enhance the challenge.
Lead off with some heavy deadlifts and the rest will be just that tad more challenging.
It's a power day with some nice behind the neck presses to finish it off.
The first day of the week for any challenge is always the hump you have to get over.
Three simple exercises that can build a whole body. A 3-week challenge that anyone can do safely and efficiently.
That trunk of yours is going to feel it today.