Power through today before the crunch.
Push yourself today and to maintain form choose the right weight.
It may be a rest day but it is still an active day.
You're going to spend a lot of your day today in the air.
It's only 32 reps in total, but what a 32 reps it is.
Pace yourself. We are slowly moving up in reps.
Nothing like the bench to kick off the week.
You could say that today's workout is in the bag.
A sustained bout of energy pushes you through the program today but you get some nice neck and shoulder release to finish it all off.
The first priority here is to master weightlifting technique.
We move to a new rep scheme and change things up by working to a new format.
We're back again after rest day and finishing the first week of our programming with a healthy 70 rep scheme.
Today's a rest day so, make the most of it. Add some skill building or just take time off for recovery.
A lot of tension going around today. Stay solid.
A 1-2 combo is followed by a moment of deep tranquility.
Hang around for today's workout, it's worth it.
Friday's are benchmark days, 6 minutes to test yourself.