Experiment with different modalities to build upper body strength to aid in the development of the handstand.
A combination of pulling and pushing exercises that finishes off the workout week nicely.
There's some brutal kettlebell work going on today. You have been warned.
Deadlifts, presses, jerks, and skill work take precedence today.
The TGU makes an appearance today plus kettlebell thrusters and back squats. Sounds like a lot of work.
It's not easy to get going after the weekend, but this will kick you out of the gate for a great start to your Monday.
Today is a benchmark day. And we have a unique approach here that should really energize you.
You have a lot of mace swinging to do today. It's time to get aggressive with your workout.
Let's get some bodyweight workouts in today. Something for everyone from beginner to advanced.
It's bench day. And as much you push, you get to pull as well.
What's the longest you can bar hang after a grueling workout.
Heavy back squat day with a lot of variations using barbells and kettlebells.
Looks like this is going to be a good day for dragging your legs through a challenging set of movements.
Some serious mace work today sets you up nicely for a finish to the week tomorrow.
This is the day when your lungs will sere with the effort required.
Work your way up to some 2RMs today.