12 Reps – The Breaking Muscle Digest – Vol. 1, Issue 11

Twelve reader favorites from the past week and from the archives, curated to save you time and bring you happiness.

We’ve got news this week – you may have noticed that the layout of the workouts on the site has changed. All the weeks of a training program are now easily accessed with a click of your mouse.

Explore the new layout in any of the workout programs we link to this week. Let us know what you think. This is step one leading up to even more exciting news. As a 12 Reps reader, you’ll be the first to know when we’re ready to reveal it.

Our featured content this week is about running. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is improving and those of us who have been hiding in our caves all winter are finally wandering out, squinting our eyes, and stretching our stiff legs. Enjoy!

It’s Running Week:

A WEEK-BY-WEEK GUIDE TO BECOMING A RUNNER (LATER IN LIFE AND/OR SAFELY) – As a forty-year-old non-runner, this is the program I’m using now.

5 RUNNING TIPS FOR THE NON-RUNNER (FROM A NON-RUNNER) – Learn how our managing editor went from dreading to craving her running time. Great tips here for easing the pain of running, too.

11 POTENTIALLY LIFE-SAVING TIPS FOR STAYING SAFE WHILE RUNNING – I know, it’s not “13 Reps,” but we had to throw this one in because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Workout Programs:

STRONGMAN TRAINING: CYCLE 5 – MAX LIFTS FOCUS – Coach Chet Morjaria delivers twelve weeks of muscle building, strength increasing, and fun workouts with a strongman event focus.

TRAIN LIKE A GYMNAST: BODYWEIGHT SKILLS, STRENGTH, AND FLEXIBILITY – The fourth twelve-week cycle of Breaking Muscle gymnastics workouts increase your strength and flexibility while boosting muscular endurance.

KETTLEBELLS, BODYWEIGHT, AND YOGA FOR CORE STRENGTH – These workouts combine kettlebell swings, bodyweight core work, and yoga sequences. Day one each week is a full workout with a full yoga class and day two is a full workout with a shorter yoga class.

TRAIN TO WIN IN 24 WEEKS: MASTERS SWIMMING AND 5K RUNNING EVENTS – Coach Tom Kelso brings you this mature athlete training program.

SKILL WORK FOR SOLID UPPER BODY STRENGTH, CORE, AND MIDLINE STABILITY – This cycle of women’s workouts focuses on the development of upper-body strength and midline stability using bodyweight movements and kettlebell skill work.

INVERSIONS, FLEXIBILITY, AND STRENGTH TRAINING WITH PARALLETTES – This all-bodyweight workout will focus on holds, strength, and flexibility using arm balances, inversions, and deep flexibility work.

From the Archives:

USE MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES TO CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE – There is a powerful technique to help people (even yourself) to make positive health changes by reframing how they see their goals.

We hope you enjoy these selections – see you all next week for another installment.

The Breaking Muscle Team

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