3 of the Best: This Week’s Top Articles, Vol. 39

These pieces have caught your attention throughout the week. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

Welcome to our weekend roundup, Three of the Best! Every Saturday, we’ll post up Breaking Muscle’s top three articles of the week. These pieces have caught your attention throughout the last seven days. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.

(Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ring)

#1 – How to Assess Your Full-Body Flexibility

By Stephanie Ring

In my recent articles I’ve discussed the importance of functional flexibility for performance and some of the common stretching pitfalls we all make.

This movement list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a great place to start. Each position focuses on a different movement pattern that you need to perform at your best. Through these movements, you might come to understand it’s your ankle mobility that is affecting your squat or your hamstring flexibility that is hindering your back position during deadlifts. Understanding these limitations can help you push past them to improve position and, ultimately, performance.


#2 – 3 Amazing Full-Body Workouts for Summer Vacation

By Mike Dewar

Summer is the time of the year to reap the benefits of your hard training and clean eating throughout the spring. Hopefully most of you know what I mean by that, and you are eager to take your new winter and spring gains out for a test drive this summer season. If not, don’t worry. You may still have some time, but you need to get started with these three workouts.

No matter where you are, there are always ways you can be creative to build your own workout program. I recommend scoping out your facilities or environment on day one, and get out a pad of paper.


#3 – The Gaps in Your Training Aren’t in the Gym

By Shane Trotter

When it comes to training, people are always convinced they need to do more. In a way, they are right. But what almost all athletes need significantly more of is not the cool stuff that gets retweets. It’s nutrition, mobility and recovery education, and most of all, mental training. For athletes at any level, these hidden gems are every bit as important for performance as your lifting, but they are largely ignored.

If your goal is to get to the next level, I encourage you to train and develop these other qualities.


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