3 Weeks to Ski: Week 2 – Almost Ready for the Slopes!

Last week we got started on our 3 week mission to get fit for the slopes! This week the work continues. Read on for great workouts and photo illustrations of all the movements.

Last week we started our client “Dave” on a week one of a three week protocol to get fit for the slopes. Dave’s back in for more training this week, which is always a good sign. He mentioned he did get sore the week before, but wasn’t hobbling to and from work, which is an even better sign.

Our goal last week wasn’t to crush Dave, but rather to get him back in the swing of exercising and lay down a foundation for the next two weeks. From his responses so far, we’re right on track.

This week we want to ramp up the intensity a little bit and really hit the major muscles Dave is going to be relying on as he flies down the mountain a lot faster than his friends. (We’ve advised him to look into the purchase of a helmet. We care.)

Here’s what Dave’s looking at as far as training goes this week:


Find a hill (a trail is preferable).

6 Rounds of 100 meter hill sprints

2 Minutes Rest
100 meter downhill run – with an emphasis on a fast, but controlled cadence.

2 Minutes Rest

Rest Day

20 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible):
10 Medicine ball squats
10 Leg Raises
60 Second Plank Hold in the push up position

Cycle through these three exercises as many times as you can in 20 minutes.

Medicine ball squats are squats while holding the medicine ball against your chest.

Leg raises mean lying on your back with your hands under your hips, then raising both legs from the floor to a vertical position.

Rest Day

Medicine Ball Lateral Jump Ladder

For this workout Dave is going to stand next to his medicine ball and in the first minute he’s going to jump laterally (sideways) over the ball twice. He’ll rest for the remainder of the minute. In minute #2, Dave will jump back and forth over the ball a total of 4 times an then rest for the remainder of the minute. Dave will increase the number of lateral jumps by 2 repetitions until he runs out of time.

The first few minutes of this will be very easy and Dave may even joke about how this isn’t difficult. He will quickly change his tune.

Once through for time,

21-14-7 Repetitions of:
Knees to Elbow

2 Minutes Rest


Knees to Elbow
2 Minutes Rest

Knees to Elbow

In this workout Dave will start by doing 21 repetitions of pulling his knees up into his chest. He can either hang from a pull up bar to do this or use a set of parallel bars to do the same. If worse comes to worse, he can pull two pieces of furniture together.

He’ll then do 21 repetitions of Supermans. A superman is where Dave will lie flat on the floor, face down and by squeezing his gluteus maximus (what we sit on) and engaging his low back muscles, he will raise both arms and both legs off of the floor at the same time.

After completing 21 repetitions, he’ll do 14 reps of each and then 7 reps of each.

After 2 minutes of rest, Dave will repeat the same two movements for the next rep scheme, 18-12-6, and so on.

We’re not sure if Dave is a religious man or not, but we hope he is because this means he’ll spend a good portion of his day praying both the New York Giants and San Fransisco 49’ers win.


As a means to loosen up his hips, we’re going to have Dave hold the Pigeon position from yoga for 4 minutes on each leg. His goal is simply to relax his entire body and sink down into the position. If Pigeon is putting any strain on his knee, we’ll advise him to bring his bent leg foot lower in the position until the pain goes away.

Keep going with Week 3 of 3 Weeks to Ski!

You can jump in anytime by going back and starting with Week 1.

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