4 Fun Things About Fitness and 2 Very Not-Fun Things

Some days exercise is fun. And that’s great. Some days exercise is not fun. And that’s great, too. Here’s why both sides are valuable.

Some days exercise is fun. And that’s great. Fun can help motivate and inspire you to keep working and achieving.

Some days exercise is not fun. And that’s great, too. Because sometimes that’s exactly what you need to work through to reach the next level.

So, this week’s Editor’s Picks are all about the fun and the not-fun sides of fitness. But hopefully, the balance comes out for you on the positive overall.

The Fun

Guilty! 5 BJJ Photo Crimes You Will Recognize

While CrossFitters get picked on for all their social media photos, the truth is when you enjoy something you wind up with a lot of photos of yourself doing it. BJJ black belt Valerie Worthington shares the humorous side of her jiu jitsu photos. Are you guilty of any of these?

Fun, Fitness, and Play with Darryl Edwards – Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 4

Coach Darryl Edwards is a firm believer that fun is an essential part of fitness. He also includes play in all his workouts. In fact, he doesn’t even call them workouts – he calls them playouts. Hear more from Darryl himself on this philosophy in this podcast episode.

Learn How to Handstand Using a Physio Ball (Video)

Having fun doesn’t mean you can’t be learning and getting stronger at the same time. Yoga expert Willow Ryan shares some fun on the physio ball in this exercise that will improve your core strength and your handstand.

Potatoes Are Not Evil

Potatoes are fun. Admit it. They’re fun to eat. So why haven’t you been eating them? Even the Whole30 says you can eat them now! Nutrition expert Jeff Taraday shares some facts on white potatoes as well as a tasty, easy recipe.

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The Not Fun

Lifting Headaches: How to Spot, Avoid, and Remedy Them

If you’ve lifted heavy for very long, then you’ve probably experienced one of these. They’re definitely in the not-fun category when it comes to training. But thankfully, they are also in the category of things that is likely preventable. Check out the advice of strength and movement expert Robert Camacho.

This Is Fitness: Move Beyond Instinct and Get Uncomfortable

At some point, if you plan on continuing to improve, become faster, get stronger, or whatever it is you’re after, then you’re going to have to take a long visit to the pain cave. CrossFit Games veteran Patrick McCarty knows a bit about how being uncomfortable can actually get you towards success and fulfillment. (We might be talking beyond just the gym here, too.)

Photo 1 courtesy of Valerie Worthington.

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