7 Articles For Sandbag Training Fans

Curious about sandbag training? Here are 7 articles for anyone who wants to get started or learn more about this training tool.

Sandbag training uses instability to build strength and increase power. If you’re curious about sandbag training, or just want to learn more, check out these articles written by expert sandbag trainers. There are also a few book reviews if you’re looking for more resources!

3 Sandbag Exercises You Should Add to Your Training (Josh Henkin)

Perhaps you already love your training routine, but you want to add in the benefits of sandbag training. Here are the 3 exercises I would add in to any program and why I recommend them.

Book Review: “Sandbag Fitness: The Complete Guide to Sandbag Training,” by Matthew Palfrey (Logan Gelbrich)

For six bucks you can get an incredibly useful book on sandbag training from sandbag guru Matthew Palfrey. This is a discount just for Breaking Muscle readers, so get it while it lasts.

The Most Misunderstood Training Tool: The Sandbag (Josh Henkin)

To create a successful training system with the sandbag we first need to understand what makes it so unique. Instability, dimension, and placement all make the sandbag effective and special.

How to Use Sandbag Training for MMA and Combat Sports (Matt Palfrey)

How to build your own sandbag, advice on buying sandbags, and how to use the sandbags to train specifically for MMA, BJJ, and other combat sports. Spice up your workouts with some sand!

Sandbag Drills: Instability Builds Balance and Strength (Josh Henkin)

The sandbag isn’t just something to throw on your shoulder and run with, it’s a unique tool in developing stability, balance, and core strength. Read on to find out the best exercises you’re missing.

Book Review: “Sandbag Training for MMA Training and Combat Sports” by Matthew Palfrey & Wesley Murch (Tom Kelso)

Designed for MMA fighters, but applicable for anyone – this eBook is loaded with tons of useful exercises. It is straight-forward, well-organized, and surprisingly easy to read.

Re-Thinking Functional Movement: The Sling Systems of the Body (Josh Henkin)

Watch this video and read the article to understand the “sling systems” of the body, what’s potentially missing from your programming, and exercises you can incorporate to address this.

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