Announcing the Top 3 Photos From September…Plus Details For Next Month!

We’ve chosen the winners of the Olympic weightlifting photo contest! Check them out here, and find out how to win next month’s “crazy workout face” contest – with prizes from Barlean’s!

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for September’s photo contest! We love Olympic weightlifting here at Breaking Muscle, and it was fun to see all the quality photos we received this month. If you haven’t seen the other entries, you can check them out here.

Here’s a quick summary of September’s contest, for those who might have missed it. Readers submitted their Olympic weightlifting photos for a chance to win a book by Olympic weightlifting coach Greg Everett. The top two winners receive the following prizes:

Here are this month’s winning photos, taken by Audrey Poindexter, Arron Steiner, and Matthew Palfrey:

1st PLACE: “Michael Tancini at MidAtlantic Regionals 2012” by Audrey Poindexter

2nd PLACE: “At PDX” by Arron Steiner

3rd PLACE: “Sandbag Clean and Jerks” by Matthew Palfrey

Next month’s contest is for athletes of all levels and disciplines – we want to see your craziest workout face! Pin your best photos of you or someone else making a crazy workout face. Whether it’s playing a sport, finishing a marathon, lifting heavy stuff, or snatching a kettlebell, we want to see it.

We’re also giving away prizes that all athletes could use. This month’s top 3 winners receive a free product from Barlean’s! In addition to their awesome fish oil supplements, Barlean’s has a whole line of other products to boost your training and your health.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Head over to the “October Photo Contest: Crazy Workout Face” board on our Pinterest page and follow us. (If you already have, you can skip this step.) Give us about 24 hours to follow you back and add you as a contributor on the photo contest board.
  2. Start pinning! Submit your photos before October 23rd at 11:59 PST to enter. You can pin as many photos as you like on the photo contest board, as long as they are your own photos of you or someone and fit the theme of the contest.
  3. Check the Breaking Muscle main page on November 1st to find out if you’ve won. The top 3 winners will be featured on the main page and win one of the following prizes from Barlean’s:

  • 1st PLACE – Barlean’s Omega Swirl 16 ounce & Swirl Recipe Booklet (your choice of either Total Omega Orange Cream or the New Key Lime Fish Oil Swirl)
  • 2nd PLACE – Barlean’s Flax Oil 16 ounce & Flax Oil Recipe Booklet
  • 3rd PLACE – Barlean’s 45ct Olive Leaf Complex capsules & Booklet by Dr. Jonny Bowden

These aren’t samples, either – you get the full serving of some amazing products! Happy pinning, and we look forward to seeing your photos.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By submitting your photos, you grant the right to publish, distribute, archive, and otherwise use the photograph, in whole or in part, in print, electronic, or any other media and for promotional purposes related to the’s products and services. In addition, you represent that you have the right to authorize to use the photograph you are submitting.

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