Are You a Follower of Fitness Dogma or Your Own Perspective?

Think you fall into the trap of assumptions and dogma? Read these pieces and consider how you’re training.

Does your belief system work for you? By that I mean your fitness belief system, your way of training, what you believe is “right” and “wrong” about exercise and health. How’s it working for you?

Is it possible you would benefit from a new perspective? This week’s theme is that of belief, dogma, and perspective. If you don’t think you fall into the trap of assumptions and dogma, then read these pieces and consider how you’re training.

Fitness Dogma and Personal Perspective – Editor’s Picks of the Week

The 10 Commandments of Fitness and Wellness

Coach Eric Stevens the age-old lessons of the Bible and puts them in the context of your time at the gym. This piece isn’t so much about breaking the rules, but about understanding the rules that can help you achieve success.

Meta Programs: How to Adjust Your Thinking for Better Results

Our brains all work the way our brains work. Yours works differently than mine. But do you know exactly how yours works? If you did, do you think that would help you train better? Or even live better? Read this piece by coach Logan Christopher to find out.

3 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Any Stronger

The body works a certain way and, try as you might, there’s no changing that. But to work with the body, you have to understand how it functions. Physical therapist Lauren Beasley walks us through three things we must understand in order to progress.

How to Save Your Runner’s High From Becoming a Runner’s Low

Many of us run because it makes us feel good. Well, it makes our minds and our brain chemistry feel good, but our bodies? Not so much. Running coach Jannine Myers helps us out with some tips on how to keep the good feelings lasting as long as we can.

HIT or Myth? The Truths and Fallacies of High Intensity

High intensity might be fun, but does it work? Coach Andrew Read takes a look at the origins and applications of HIT and how it stacks up against more traditional approaches to training.

Why the Option to Quit Actually Makes Us Work Harder

Your brain can totally mess with you. This is how you know something isn’t actually real. When someone can simply tell you, “It’s okay to quit,” and you’re overwhelmed by an urge to work harder. So why didn’t you just do it to begin with? Hmm. Coach Craig Marker helps us investigate.

Weekly Work-In: Week 6 – Getting Past the Ego

Yoga expert Bethany Eanes asks us to take a look at the constructs and stories we have about ourselves and our abilities. Do these stories have anything to do with reality? Or do we think we suck at running because we were the slowest kid in third grade? What does that have to do with today and your possibilities? Read for tips on how to expand your mind – and your experience of life.

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