Athlete Journal: Ruth Anderson Horrell, Entry 5 – 4/4/2013

When I sat down at the end of the CrossFit Games last year I knew I needed to be stronger and better technically. I’ve seen some improvement and mastered new skills by pushing myself to my limit.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the athlete journal of Ruth Anderson Horrell, which will be posted every Wednesday. Hailing from New Zealand, Ruth competed in the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games and hopes to do the same in 2013. Check in every week to follow all the ups and downs of Ruth’s training for the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Athlete Journal Entry 5 – 4/4/2013

I had a great week, building intensity and smashing my heart and lungs. The goal this week has been lung burn! Never a nice feeling before you start a workout when you know you’re looking for the outcome of unbelievable pain, but this is where my fitness training begins.

When I sat down at the end of the CrossFit Games last year I knew I needed to be technically better and all over stronger. So that has been my focus for many months. I’ve mastered skills I didn’t used to have, like handstand walking. My overall strength for my workouts has increased and my maxes are miles ahead of where they were pre-2012 games. I’ve hit many new weights, like a recent 100kg clean and jerk.

I’ve been doing WODs consistently since January, and have been doing double days for quite some time now. My fitness level has been okay, but I now have my radar focusing on Regionals. This means maxing myself out and lots of going until I have no oxygen left!

I have to say doing a workout until there is nothing left in the tank – when you’ve pushed yourself beyond what you thought you ever had – is one of the most satisfying parts of CrossFit for me. I’ve learned I can’t do it all year and in every WOD or I hit some serious low points. Finding that world of pain, not just normal WOD pain, but 4 minutes or 50 reps beyond when you were feeling pain – that is what CrossFit is for me. Those moments also seem to melt away all other worry and stress. They stop me from sweating the small stuff, and remind me what is real.

I’ve been really fortunate to work with Dusty Hyland on my gymnastics and CrossFit, Jules Dempsey on my Olympic lifting, and my wonderful training partners, Michael Ungerer and Lindsey Valenzuela. Thank you all for being part of this year’s training. I hope you can all see it’s coming together!

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