Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 12 – 6/27/12

It’s heating up in Austin. Both literally in terms of temperature and figuratively as CrossFit Central has only 18 days left until they compete in the CrossFit Games.

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Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 6/27/12

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The CrossFit Central team has 18 days until we throw down with some of the best CrossFit crews in the world! The “Big Show” is quickly approaching and, as it turns out, the temperatures in Austin are also quickly rising. This has made training very interesting.

As you know from my last entry, I injured my back and was forced to sit on the sidelines for a little over a week. This was an extremely difficult time for me, but the result of the time off was much more beneficial than I could have imagined. Not only is my back at a hundred percent again, but my mind, my energy levels, my focus, and my overall gratitude for being back at it are all higher than they’ve ever been. I have to say this is the best my body has felt going into a major competition.

The only factor that is posing some challenges is the previously mention heat in Austin. Prior to this week, the temps have been in the 90s, which really isn’t all that bad. But this week has already seen temps shoot to 104 degrees. And it’s supposed to hit 108 today!

Even in the face of this inferno, I have been reminding myself that I am truly lucky to be back in the game and feeling one hundred percent – even if it’s f*cking HOT! I can’t tell you how shitty it was to sit and watch my teammates busting their asses in some of the most grueling workouts to date. I wanted to be in there suffering with them, because that’s what teammates do, right? We go through the shit together so we can celebrate our victories together – regardless of how big or small.

Things are heating up down here in Austin – both the temps and the energy coming from Central. Expect big things from this crew of outstanding people!

Have a great week!