Author: Janelle Zacherl

Dr. Janelle Zacherl graduated in April 2014 from the University of Pittsburgh with a doctorate in genetics. Her thesis was conducted on the reaction of human cells, specifically blood macrophages, to various types of fats. This research was published on two separate occasions in The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. Janelle now works as a professional chemist at a contract laboratory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her daily duties include testing new types of plastics and containers for harmful contaminants, such as BPAs. In her free time, Janelle attends daily classes at CrossFit Acernus in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and participates in 5Ks. Her favorite part of CrossFit is maxing out different lifts and getting to know everyone at the gym. Janelle hopes to contribute to the Breaking Muscle Nutrition community by sharing what she has found through her own experimental research, as well as continuing study of the existing literature. Information on nutrition is often contradictory and confusing, and Janelle wishes to bring some clarification to complex topics.

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