Author: Kalli Youngstrom

Kalli is an entrepreneur, business owner, personal trainer, and among all other things fitness and lifestyle related, a national level figure competitor. Having recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan’s business program and receiving her bachelor of marketing with great distinction to go along with her bachelor of psychology with distinction, she made the decision to continue to create and pursue a career she is passionate about and dedicate herself to growing her fitness coaching and nutrition consulting business, KY Fitness & Nutrition, originally founded in 2013 in order to supplement her university education and involve herself within the local health and fitness industry, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. With a background as a competitive wrestler, competition and training have always been a part of Kalli’s life, and it was after being forced to retire from wrestling as a result of injury that she discovered the world of bodybuilding as a competitive outlet and has dedicated herself to achieving success in the figure division since 2013. After winning the overall title in her initial show and continuing on to place top five at the provincial level she has been completely hooked on training to be the best she can be, both physically as well as mentally, and aiding others in achieving their health and fitness goals. With this year’s competitive season coming to a close Kalli is extremely motivated by what she has accomplished in just her second year of competition, having placed second at the provincial level and going on to compete on the national stage with a physique she worked for without the guidance of a coach. As a personal trainer, Kalli has made the decision to coach herself for each of her four shows, which has given her a great appreciation and insight into the characteristics and qualities needed to become a successful coach and has provided the opportunity to coach over a dozen bikini competitors in preparation for their first provincial level show this spring. Although continued growth and success in figure and competition is Kalli’s personal goal, her passion lies in working with clients with all goals and backgrounds in achieving their individual health and fitness endeavours and creating a sustainable, healthy, and balanced lifestyle to lead to continued success and longevity, specifically with focus on diet and nutrition. In order to continue expanding on her knowledge and broadening her skill set, Kalli has recently supplemented her bodybuilding training and is focusing on a more functional style of training than in the past. This addition pushes her to focus on nutrition in a new light, eating not only for physique, but also for function, and further enables her to share her in depth knowledge of nutrition and diet not only on a bodybuilding basis, but also in terms of functional athletics. For more information on Kalli, what she does, and how much she benches, check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

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