Author: Matt Kuzdub

Matt is currently the Lead Sport Scientist at PUSH. Over the last two years, he helped a bright team of engineers and designers develop a wearable device that helps coaches, athletes, and everyday exercise enthusiasts reach their training goals. Recently, Matt’s focus has been on educating users on the benefits of velocity based training – a method based on autoregulation, which helps individuals adjust strength-training loads both on a micro and macro level to ensure proper progressions while also diminishing their risk of injury. He’s also working with researchers around the world with the aim of incorporating PUSH’s technology in order to improve human performance. Matt completed his MSc degree in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh in 2012, where he concentrated his research on the ability to increase power and speed through plyometric training. While in Scotland, Matt coached Scottish junior tennis players, many of whom were European champions. He also competed at both the national and international tennis stage. Prior to joining the PUSH team, Matt was a WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) strength and conditioning coach and also worked with a number of young athletes across a variety of sports both at the collegiate and junior levels in Toronto, Canada. He continues to develop young athletes by bridging sport science with technology.

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