Author: Roger Harrell

Roger Harrell has over twenty years of gymnastics experience and over fifteen years of coaching experience. He was the captain of the UC Davis gymnastics team for two years and is the Co-Founder of The Cave/CrossFit Marin in Corte Madera, California. Roger has been involved in CrossFit since the early days and is also the gymnastics curriculum writer and core competency expert for the global CrossFit community. Roger holds a B.S in Chemical Engineering and spent several years working on enormous processing plant projects, ore refinement systems, and chemical weapons disposal facilities. Over the years Roger was able to slowly move over into coaching gymnastics full-time. Roger is not your normal gymnastics coach, however. Roger came to gymnastics relatively late in life – midway through his teenage years. He is also much taller than your average gymnast. Because of these factors, Roger had to adapt quickly and learn differently than other kids in gymnastics. He has taken these skills and applied them to his practice of teaching gymnastics to adults. To learn more about Roger Harrell, read our feature interview: Featured Coach: Roger Harrell, Part 1 – Gymnastics for Adults Featured Coach: Roger Harrell, Part 2 – Gymnastics for Kids

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