Strength & Conditioning – Roger Harrell: Week 2, Day 3

Unless you did gymnastics as a child it can be a very challenging skill set to practice as an adult. Coach Roger Harrell helps us get a jump on it with these workouts.

We are now in week two of workouts from gymnastics coach Roger Harrell. Roger is the Co-Founder of The Cave/CrossFit Marin and a former competitive gymnast. Roger is an expert at teaching gymnastics to non-gymnasts, so if you’re thinking of making progress on your gymnastics skills these are perfect workouts for you.

To learn more about Roger, read our feature interview:

Part 1 – Gymnastics for Adults

Part 2 – Gymnastics for Kids


Warm up activities are to be performed at a level that is appropriate for you. No warm up movements should be strenuous. Be sure to scale appropriately. 5-15 minutes of stretching following each session is expected.

For a guide to stretching visit Drill and Skills: Stretching.

Week 2 – Day 3

Warm up:

10 Lunge kick handstand


10 V-ups

10 Push ups

10 Squat/Jumping squat

Skill work:

Ring support work (Practice skills in the second half of the linked article)

Workout Strength Couplet

5X5 Leg lift (goal to be from dead hang, straight legs toes to bar with no swing)

5X3 Ring dip

Allow 35 minutes. No time constraint. Execution quality and movement difficult supersede pace.