Author: Steve Gangemi

Dr. Steve Gangemi is a chiropractic physician in his seventeenth year of practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He specializes in holistic therapies for patients dealing with a variety of ailments such as hormonal imbalances, digestive disturbances, immune dysfunction, and musculoskeletal problems. His practice focuses on helping his patients move better and live healthier lives. He's barefoot in the office all day long. Dr. Gangemi runs two busy websites – a health oriented site, Dr. Gangemi, and Sock Doc, which focuses on natural approaches to athletic injuries, performance, and health and fitness issues. He is an avid endurance athlete, having finished sixteen Ironman triathlon races, including six Hawaii Ironman World Championships and countless other endurance events. Dr. Gangemi conducts Training & Treatment Workshops in the U.S. and Europe focusing on Natural Movement and MovNat principles for athletes seeking to improve performance and heal up injuries. Dr. Gangemi is a frequent contributor for Paleo Magazine, a Level II MovNat Certified Trainer, an amateur beekeeper, and a father of three often-outside and shoeless children.

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