Biomechanics, Balance, and Boldness

In training, there’s what everybody else is doing, and then there’s what produces the best results. Results rule.

Every good coach and trainer considers themselves, to some extent, as a student of human movement. But few people can touch the level of devotion and study of David Weck, inventor of the BOSU ball and creator of WeckMethod. David’s diversity of athletic training and experience, coupled with his limitless curiosity and “results rule” mentality have allowed him to realize concepts that are truly unique. In an industry hog-tied by convention, David unapologetically dares to flip the entire conversation on its head.

In today’s interview with Shane Trotter, you’ll get to hear how David conceptualizes the optimal dose of training, how the literal and metaphorical concepts of balance run through all aspects of his training and life philosophy, how to deal with internal and external adversity, and the four immediate carryover effects of his favorite exercise on his new BOSU Elite. He also talks about what almost everybody has gotten fundamentally wrong about running technique, and how his life experience has given him the ability to approach obstacles without fear.

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