A mature athlete's guide for adjusting training to accommodate the merciless Father Time.
In an industry filled with bad information and misguided professionals, how can you tell a great coach from a bad one?
Getting older isn't an excuse to sit on the sidelines.
People avoid the dentist for the same reasons they avoid the gym, with similar consequences.
Society's obsession with work ethic is destroying the efficacy of your training.
Strength coaches like me are the best friends student-athletes could ask for. But we will push your mental and physical boundaries.
Unfamiliar physical challenges and movement patterns have an extraordinary effect on your brain and body.
Hiring the wrong coach can be disastrous, but finding the right coach can literally extend your life.
If you are an athlete, you are your own brand - and social media is your main asset.
Are there some exercise programs that are inherently dangerous? The following checklist should help you decide.
Knowledge and research are your most powerful allies when it comes to hiring a coach.
Put down the computer, get off YouTube, and go and learn in person from the industry experts.
Follow this guide to help you tell the difference between a pro and a phony.
Finding a sponsor is all about time, preparation, and focus.
A recent study reveals that a personal training certification does not necessarily equal knowledge.
Sponsorship is like any relationship. It requires trust, communication, honesty, and mutual contribution and benefit.
Almost any athlete can get sponsored, and I do not just mean I can help you get a free t-shirt.