bone health

Vitamin D consumption and levels are a hot button issue because of the considered benefits to the immune system in the fight against Covid-19, but this isn't something we didn't already know.
Consume more protein, especially if you’re trying to increase lean mass and strength gains.
The clear majority of injuries could have been prevented if only a few simple habits were changed.
Although the number of birthday candles on your birthday cake can equal the number of things that stop working remember, strength is never a weakness.
According to a new study, a vacation is good for your physical health as well as mental health. Get out of the big city and head somewhere with plenty of sunlight—a tropical paradise, beach town...
It may not be as glamorous as other vitamins, but vitamin D is vital for healthy bones and skin, plays a role in cellular growth, and may reduce your risk of serious inflammatory bowel disease.
If your child is struggling at school, it's time to enroll them in a course of physical activity.
Walking and water aerobics won't help preserve your bone health, but lifting heavy will.
Calcium doesn't just come from cows. Here are three other fantastic and healthy sources.
Using the trampoline may seem juvenile, but there are some undeniable benefits for overall health.
Learn how to quickly identify and avoid growth plate injuries in adolescent and children's sports.
A lack of vitamin D may be the cause of chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, and joint pain.
More research shows moving heavy weight fast helps prevent bone loss in women.
A recent article addressed this topic by comparing tennis players who began playing as children or young adults.
Weight loss is commonly considered a good thing, but it can be detrimental to bone health. A recent study suggests you need strength training to optimize bone health while trying to lose weight.
You've probably heard being an athlete builds stronger bones. At first glance, a recent study appears to cast doubt on that claim, so let's have a look at the details.
Cycling might be good for your cardio, but is it bad for your bone health? New research shows cyclists have below average bone density. But there are things you can do to combat this and stay healthy.