dynamic stretch

Two new studies about static stretching say totally different things. One says it decreases strength for only 10 minutes, the other says 24 hours. Who is right and how can this happen?
Warmups involving dynamic stretching resulted in improved hamstring flexibility and increased quadriceps strength, when compared to static stretching. This, according to a new study.
Your current limit of flexibility is a self-imposed point. When unconscious, we are all capable of full splits. That stiffness you feel when you stretch is all in your head and totally created by you.
Should you do dynamic stretches or static stretches? Is one better before your workout and one better after? Why is stretching so complicated? Let's look at the science and simplify things.
It's an age-old debate: dynamic stretching versus static stretching. New research examines jumping ability in female soccer and rugby players after both types of stretching.