meal timing

In the third part of our series on exercise recovery, we look at how to maximize recovery and build more lean muscle with the two most overlooked tools in your arsenal.
Everyone knows what wall I’m talking about, and when you hit it, there’s no going through it. So how do we learn to begin with to go around it, so we never walk into it?
People looking to manage their weight with strength-training and protein supplements should consume their supplements during a meal.
There is ample scientific evidence to tell us what to eat before, during, and after training.
Despite all the confusion that surrounds pre and post-workout nutrition, what you should consume comes down to common sense.
Just because a program is complex, doesn't mean it's effective.
Without an objective plan and a good sense of what hunger means, things will fall apart.
We now know that more infrequent feedings are completely appropriate for many people.
Your meal strategy has been making you gain weight all along.
This fast and protein filled meal will become a favorite staple in any athlete's meal plan.
The fewer changes an athlete must make in order to coax progress from the body, the better.