The Journal of the North American Menopause Society has a paper about dance, functional fitness, lipid profiles, and self-image in postmenopausal women.
This book is an essential, informative, and entertaining step-by-step guide on how to thrive through menopause.
Fixing low estrogen in women enhances muscle recovery, strength, and performance.
Almost 50 percent of women and three-quarters of teenaged females aren’t getting enough iron from their food.
The largest study ever to investigate this question provides considerable information that credibly supports physical activity.
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Height loss in postmenopausal women can increase the risk of death and diseases but, strenuous activity as a teenager was found protective for later life.
The Thais have used this herb for centuries and still believe in it to this day for testosterone support.
Stay healthy and educated in your pursuit of happiness and know that leanness and our societal constructs that drive our desires are not always the healthiest option for your body.
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Invest in your health and sanity then the rest of the puzzle will fall into place later.
Women undergoing menopause are the hardest hit by increased problems with sleep and sex.