motor control

The pelvis rotates as you run, which means it needs to move in a multidimensional way.
To maximize your upper body training, you need to learn how to mobilize, stabilize, and control your motor patterns.
Stretching and foam rolling alone won't cut it; if you want to be a capable human being, you'll work on mobility every day.
When you move well, your body will inherently take care of what needs to be mobile and stable.
Don't overlook your movement patterns but instead learn how to keep yourself safe and make gains.
Unless you’re rehabilitating from a surgery, training stabilizing muscles in strength sets and reps is a waste of time.
Having a limited range of motion can lead to inefficient lifts, but don't fret - there is always a fix.
Learn two quick, powerful tips to improve your freestanding handstand.
It's no good to just seek mobility. Mobility without motor control is just another injury waiting to happen.