Author: Robert Camacho

Robert was something of an odd child. Not particularly athletically gifted, he instead spent most of his time reading comics and watching martial arts movies. Slowly but surely, the steady diet of incredible (if fictitious) physical specimens instilled in him a desire to begin training of some sort. Fueled by hours of awesome but highly questionable action movie workout montages mixed with some subconscious desire to become Batman, Robert found himself desperate for any information that would help him along his road to becoming bigger, stronger and faster. This life-long interest led Robert to pursuing a degree in exercise science and a career in the fitness industry. It also, rather unfortunately, left him plagued with a variety of debilitating injuries. While doing pistols on an upside-down Bosu and clapping pull ups was impressive, he believes it was precisely that type of flashy, dangerous training coupled with participation in combat sports that left him with torn labrums in his right shoulder and left hip and a torn ligament in his foot. He also managed to acquire tendonitis in just about every joint with tendons (read: all of them). Disillusioned by his stint as a trainer in a corporate gym and frustrated by the injuries that kept him from training, Robert began working at a sports physical therapy clinic, helping design and implement late-stage return to sport training protocols for athletes who had completed their post-surgical rehab. Rabidly absorbing all information available to him through this new experience and constantly harassing all of his fellow clinicians with questions, Robert gained a unique insight and understanding into both the human body and his own personal struggles with injury. Constantly seeking to improve his understanding of diagnosing and treating movement disorders, Robert has spent the last five years assisting athletes of all levels, from children to the professionals, in returning to their sport pain free and stronger than ever. When he’s not reading, writing, or ranting on his blog, Robert splits his time between his role at SportsCare Physical Therapy in Paramus, New Jersey, trying to deadlift 500lbs, and as a student chasing his own Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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