It's what you do after a workout that may determine what you get after a workout.
Kids won’t grow up to have healthy phone boundaries, relationships, or nutritional habits if their parents don’t provide that model.
The modern health epidemic is a product of the norms and distorted expectations created in people’s earliest years.
You can't control natural talent, but only attitude and effort.
Our environment and biology are oriented towards choosing pleasure and avoiding pain, but such patterns hurt health, relationships, and our ability to grow.
By consistently facing physical resistance we gain confidence that permeates every other meaningful life endeavor.
It's time we had a hard conversation about the biggest hindrance to your child's development: you.
Running with a stroller is humbling and difficult, but it can also help you improve.
I don't do CrossFit so I can make it to the Games or come first in the class. I do it because it helps me with life.
Having a family can be a roadblock or an opportunity. It's up to you.
You can make excuse after excuse about why you aren't being active, or you can simply find a way to make it work.