Without the demands of survival, the human spirit needs occasions to organize in pursuit of shared missions.
The French Renaissance and why we should place greater emphasis on appreciating and developing the gifts of physical expression.
Our biological needs include more than proper nutrition and exercise.
Just because you're having fun in the sun, doesn't mean you aren't also making progress toward your fitness goals.
Why just stare longingly at the beautiful day outside the gym window? Get out there!
If play is missing from your program, your program may be fundamentally flawed.
There isn't a summer conditioning program better than a summer spent at the playground.
Get rid of the roadblocks that stand in the way of turning your gym grind into productive play.
Hypervigilant parenting may insulate your child from short-term risk, but it sets them up for long-term problems.
A bit of rough-and-tumble play never hurt anyone. In fact, it might be just the thing you need in your training.
A tool to enrich your health and wellbeing is at your fingertips.
Summer is almost over, so pick a date and plan for a night with no phone, no gym, and lots of delicious food.
Imagination isn't just for playing dress up. It applies to our training, too.
Few of us live a truly paleolithic lifestyle, but that's okay. We can look to our not-so-distant ancestors for some other healthy alternatives.
Here are seven ways you can build exercise "snacks" into your day for more health - and more fun.
Get low to the ground and embrace crawling: the locomotion of babies and the killer workout of athletes.
In this episode, we talk to The Fitness Explorer Darryl Edwards about primal play, fun fitness, and meaningful movement.