If exercise is intense enough, the repeated bout effect is very real.
For the most part, none of us are perfectly average. We need to design programs that are more individually focused.
Did you know the food pyramid was not originally meant to prescribe eating high amounts of grains?
The latest finding on HMB supplementation could be more about profit than performance.
A recent research review sought to eliminate any confounding variables that create bias in supplement studies.
These articles are funny and clever, researched and knowledged. Of the many articles we published last year, here are ten of my favorites that I believe you need to experience and learn from.
Sometimes a study looks like it tells you something really useful. And then you realize the study was funded by the company making the supplement. Let's look at an example.
When you read that a study supports someone’s product just ask yourself, "What is gained from that support?" The fitness world is filled with snake oil salesman, many of them back by "science."
I have your back - I really do. Today I address the issue of vibration exercise as it pertains to body fat reduction. You need to know the truth so YOU don’t waste your time with this bunk.
One of the more popular forms of group exercise right now is Les Mills BodyPump. Recently university researchers put it to the test - read on to find out if BodyPump actually works or not.