If you aren't hitting the weights while you rack up the miles, you're setting yourself up for injury and reduced performance.
If Google’s promises hold true, Android Wear smartwatches will deliver much improved interactions with smartphones.
The race itself is just the expression of what you have already accomplished.
When you run slow, you run sloppy.
The summer travel season doesn't have to destroy your training for summer races.
Interval training will help you cover the distance and beat the competition.
Take a smart approach to training in the heat.
Injury is the stimulus for new growth that would never have occurred otherwise.
Running a marathon is about the sum of the experience that gets you from the start to the finish.
Interval training will dial in your pace so you have plenty left in the tank on race day.
Regardless of background or genetics, this program produces incredible results for any athlete who wants to get faster.
Specialization has its place, but should not be your entire training program.
If your everyday posture is head down with your feet turned out like a duck, it shouldn't be a surprise that you run that way.
If you want more top end speed, loaded sprints are the way to add horsepower.
If you're looking for adaptability from your feet up, trail running is for you.
There's nothing like a face-off with tusk-equipped wildlife to make you reevaluate how you feel about running.
Living in your car is in fact an exhilarating concept. You can wake up and drive anywhere you want to go.