social media

Chasing the latest fitness trend may not be the best or safest way to reach optimal health.
Maybe we should spend less time studying how other people use social media and turn our lens inward.
The movements we watch become the ones we imitate.
Don't shy away from publicizing your hard work in fear of making other people uncomfortable.
Social media platforms may not be helping break the cycle of eating disorders and compulsive exercise.
Your online presence should pay off in real business.
In the evolving world of fitness, being a coach is not enough.
CrossFit HQ's social media team knows how to get a big reaction. Let's stop falling for it.
Tossing your cookies occasionally is okay. Celebrating it is not.
If you are an athlete, you are your own brand - and social media is your main asset.
Success with Internet marketing comes with frequency and quality of posted content. How do you rate?
A recent Facebook post by CrossFit HQ underlined the importance of responsible social media use.
The social media wars orchestrated by CrossFit HQ are a sign of a deeper problem with its company culture.
The problem with Facebook, and the Internet at large, is that soundbites like memes become widespread and accepted as truth.
There are critical steps to follow to ensure a successful TV appearance that may boost your credentials as a fitness pro.
No matter how much we argue, there will never be a be-all and end-all when it comes to exercise and nutrition.
Don’t hide on the phone, Facebook, or the computer. Examine your emotions and when you shut them down.