Following this daily plan, you can make tremendous strength and fitness gains while hardly investing any extra time.
Kids won’t grow up to have healthy phone boundaries, relationships, or nutritional habits if their parents don’t provide that model.
There are three legs to the human performance monster, no matter what sport you train for, no matter what level.
A 4-week program that puts you on a simple and effective path to serious gains.
Do not go gently into the good night - life is always full of possibilities for accomplishment and change.
As humans, we’ve crafted our environment to make life easy. While that’s helped us get where we are today, it comes at a potential price.
Age-related muscle mass decrease, also known as sarcopenia, is one of the greatest contributors to aging.
Great athletes have great hips. And all athletes need hip mobility, stability, and explosiveness.
Effective fat loss only requires consistency and effort.
Those heavy things aren't going to lift themselves
Powerful glutes can assist any athlete to improve strength and explosiveness in their sport.
A new study is one of the first to link alcohol consumption with a higher prevalence of sarcopenia in postmenopausal women.
This study suggests that physical strength might stem as much from exercising the nervous system as the muscles it controls.
Bill and James Grundler talk about competing as brothers, breakthrough performances, and the intelligent aging athlete.
Research indicates having too much choice has negative consequences that may interfere with your training.
Basic movement resets can help alleviate shoulder pain during resisted pressing.
It’s great to be strong, but it’s even better to use that strength to help other people.