Bill and James Grundler talk about competing as brothers, breakthrough performances, and the intelligent aging athlete.
Research indicates having too much choice has negative consequences that may interfere with your training.
Basic movement resets can help alleviate shoulder pain during resisted pressing.
It’s great to be strong, but it’s even better to use that strength to help other people.
The goal of Functional Mass Gain is to put on size, but also get stronger, stay agile, stay fast, stay flexible, and maintain mobility.
Dialing in your form and starting with the right progressions are the key to mastering the ultimate bodyweight exercise.
Encourages perfect form in execution and can be a great way to tax the nervous system in training.
Low-volume, high-weight resistance training is the accepted "norm" for building strength, but that may not be the case.
An end of year weightlifting heavy program for intermediate and advanced users with a max 1RM finish before Christmas.
If your training does not include the bottoms-up kettlebell press, your overhead strength and stability are not what they could be.
Whether a movement can be called functional depends on the needs of the individual.
For fuck’s sake let’s drop the redundant term and stop calling training "functional,” and just get back to doing the work.
Your goals are simpler than you think, and so are the methods that will get you there.
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Do this two or three times per week, and you'll be faster and fitter within a month
If you are a novice lifter or looking for quick results, save both your time and your money and wait until you’re ready to focus.
These tools are classics - timeless gems in the ever-changing, overcomplicated world of strength and fitness.