yoga mat

These are high-quality products for the dedicated yogi, at a price that can’t be beat.
If you have any experience with yoga, you know the importance of a good mat. Recently I had the chance to try the Sol Bhakti Ultralite mat from Gaiam, and it quickly became one of my favorites.
If you're new to yoga or you're deciding to get serious, you need to give props to yoga. Or rather, you need to BRING props to yoga. Here are my suggestions for the best yoga gear.
How do you clean your yoga mat? DO you clean your yoga mat? I did some research and here's some great ideas for homemade, all-natural mat cleaning solutions.
Starting a new yoga practice can be a daunting experience. These 5 yoga essentials will have you ready and on your way to a new flexible, balanced, de-stressed, and more peaceful you!
The Manduka Black Mat Pro is simply the best yoga mat we have tested. The Manduka mat is designed to endure hours of yoga practice.