Author: Mahala Grant-Grierson

Mahala was exposed to yoga in the early years through her mother. She began her own journey as a yoga instructor with the 200-hour teacher training at Three Sisters Yoga in New York City working with her teacher, Jen Whinnen, and mentor, Krissy Shields, from Sonic Yoga. In 2012, Mahala attended the Iowa City Yoga Festival and was introduced to yoga teacher and mentor, Sadie Nardini, who nicknamed Mahala as the “Pixie Queen.” Mahala is currently taking Sadie’s Online Rockstar Teacher Training and practices regularly with Mary Miller at Everybody’s Yoga. Mahala began teaching yoga classes following her teacher training at Shambala, Budding Buddhas and The Rabbit Hole in Brooklyn, New York City. She worked as a “Karmi” at Om Factory New York City and Shambala Yoga Studio. Mahala also took advanced yoga classes with Dharma Mittra, Jivamukti, Bikram Yoga, Om Yoga, Aerial Yoga classes at Om Factory NYC, and Yoga for Cancer classes with Tari Prinster. After all this NYC yoga adventure, Mahala moved to Quincy, Illinois to take a job and be near family. She quickly became known in the small community and made several appearances on the local television station, KHQA. In Quincy, Mahala began Yoga in the Park and Cancer Survivor Yoga, in addition to teaching at many different local facilities. Mahala is a former cheerleader, with a wide dance background, and martial artist. Her yoga classes are light-hearted, spiritual, challenging, yet beginner-friendly. Mahala aspires to help heal others after her battle with breast cancer in 2011. She’s a strong believer in being a student for life and has future educational plans in the healing arts.

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