Deadlifts, F-Bombs, and Authentic Weirdness

Those heavy things aren’t going to lift themselves

The world of strength training tends to be filled with burly, bearded, serious-looking men who scowl and grunt as they quote chapter and verse about why you should lift, train, eat, and live a certain way. And then there’s Tony Gentilcore.

Tony was a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, and is known for his no-BS, irreverent approach to strength development. He now runs CORE, a strength studio in Boston, where he trains clients from all walks of life in how to walk their life better. Tony believes there’s no reason to overcomplicate your training program, and he and Shane Trotter discuss why your kid needs an offseason. They also dive into the importance of choosing the best tools to reach your fitness goals, and Tony goes off on the biggest fitness myth that makes him want to slam his face into a brick wall.

While the rest of the world concentrates on being as unobtrusive and inoffensive as possible, Tony expounds on the importance of authenticity, even if you’re authentically weird. He discusses why training without performance goals is a one-way ticket to nowhere, and reveals the biggest key to any successful program design.