3 of the Best: This Week's Top Articles, Vol. 7

Welcome to our brand new weekend roundup, Three of the Best! Every Sunday, we'll post up Breaking Muscle's top three articles of the week. These pieces have caught your attention throughout the last seven days. So here they are in one place for you to consume, digest, and enjoy.


Can You Endure the Chain of Pain?



#1 - Kettlebells Work: But Can You Endure the Chain of Pain?

By Chris Holder


No title of a workout has ever lived up to its name like this one. I’ve come up with dozens of routines: Hells Bells, FML, and Helter Skelter to name a few. The former athletes of mine who are reading this right now will feel a cold chill run up their spine just hearing those names. But nothing has had more impact than my beloved Chain of Pain.




#2 - The Real Reason Your Hard Work Isn't Paying Off

By Eric C. Stevens



The answer may lie in something called the licensing effect. It turns out what might be the most important exercise variable isn’t efficiency of calories burned, your heart rate, or whether you’re working muscle or doing cardio, but whether you actually enjoy it.




#3 - Be Better at Life: How to Find More Time to Train

By Bobby Maximus


Much of the training discussion focuses on training and nutrition, but one of the biggest obstacles people have when it comes to training is finding enough time. Time management seems to be the biggest determinant in a person’s success in any given training program.




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