4 Videos to Help You be Strong, Mobile, and Injury-Free by Donnie Thompson

Donnie Thompson, or Super D, is a retired powerlifter turned physical therapist. He now owns his own gym, and trains athletes using powerlifting techniques to get them ready for any sport they play.


And Super D should know better than anyone. After six years playing football, he turned his hand to powerlifting, and was the first human to ever total 3,000lbs! Super D has eight all-time world records in professional powerlifting, including three bench press records, two squat records, and three total records. His 3,000lb powerlifting total still stands today.



Super D now specializes helping other athletes be strong and mobile, and to prevent or recover from injury. Here are four videos to help you do just that.


donnie thompson, super d, shoulder mobilitySuper D Video: Shoulder Mobility Work

Say hello to Super D! I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself and then show you all my favorite techniques for strengthening and mobilizing your shoulders.


Super D Video: Solving Knee Pain

Like many of you, I have knee problems, but I don't want to stop training. This week I'll share how I get rid of swelling and increase circulation so I can move my knee like normal.


Super D Video: Treating Lower Back Pain

This week one of the most common problems - lower back pain. I am going to show you a couple simple exercises you can use to mobilize and loosen up your lower back.


Super D Video: Dealing With Elbow Pain

This week - how to deal with elbow pain due to tendonitis, tears, or arthritis. There are some simple exercises you can do using a rubber band to increase range of motion and decrease pain.

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