Chet Morjaria's Olympic Weightlifting Holiday Wish List

Chet Morjaria


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EDITORS NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Olympic weightlifting coach Chet Morjaria suggests a range of gift options for the weightlifter in your life.


Chet's Olympic Weightlifting Holiday Wish List

Weightlifters are a fussy bunch. And rightly so - a little change to a weightlifter's set up can make a massive difference. Here are some suggestions of quality kit for those who snatch, clean, and jerk on a regular basis. These purchases will not disappoint!



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1. Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes - $189.00

There are so many weightlifting shoes out on the market now, but for me these are still the gold standard. There are colors to suit all personalities, from classic black to a luminous yellow that will light up any room.


Fitness, olympic weightlifting, Holiday, reviews, wish list, Win

2. Muscle Clamp Quick Release Collars - $37.95/pair

Considering the amount of times you take plates on and off the bar during a typical weightlifting session, why not make your job easier? These are so quick and easy to use. And more secure then spring collars too - especially the beaten up, out of shape ones in most gyms. Lightweight and small enough to keep in your gym bag, which you'll probably want to do, as once anyone else uses them, they'll want to use them every time!


3. IronMind Weightlifting Straps - $6.95

For those snatch pulls at the end of the session when you've been working hard and your grip is as good as gone. This little beauties are perfect to help you to keep on pullin'.


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4. Eleiko Sport Training Bar - $799.00

I continue to believe that Eleiko is the way to go if you want top quality bars for weightlifting. Eleiko have introduced a Sport range of training bars that are a little more affordable, but still retain the quality that is associated with the brand.


5. Performance Menu Subscription - $30/year

Simply fantastic value for a wealth of quality weightlifting information written in an amusing and accessible manner.


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6. Risto Sports Leather Weightlifting Belt - $24.90

You can never have too many shoes, and you can never have too many belts. This weightlifting belt is strong and study, but is low profile enough not to get in the way of your bar path as the bar travels up nice and close to your body.


7. Adidas Weightlifting Socks - $17.99

These keep your ankles warm, and keep blood off the bar! They are padded at the sole and shin for extra protection and comfort. Oh, and they also look pretty cool.


8. Coaching - Price varies

Nothing beats in-person coaching from a well-qualified and experienced coach. Ask around for who has a good reputation and book in for a check-up and tune-up. A good coach will assess you and speak openly with you about options concerning how you can progress from there.


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9. Rehband Knee Sleeves - $38.95/sleeve

Considering the amount of squatting you are doing (or at least, should be doing), these knee sleeves are perfect for keeping your knees warm, supported, and in good working order, especially as the cold winter months are drawing in. Make sure you choose the original blue sleeves rather than the new grey ones - they don't make them like they used to! (Note: These are priced per sleeve, rather than per pair)


10. The Stick - $42.50

Fitness, olympic weightlifting, Holiday, reviews, wish list, Win The perfect way to get some life back into those poor quads. You can even use it at your office desk, or while you are watching TV. Which, let's be fair, probably makes you more likely to actually get some mobility work in. It doesn't take up much space in your bag either, so there's no excuse to not take it with you everywhere!



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