Hundreds of Free Workouts for Pregnant and Postpartum Women!

For many women, becoming a mom can raise new questions about fitness. The Mommy workouts aim to provide safe, effective workouts for moms at all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to postpartum.


These workouts are designed by pregnancy exercise specialist Nicole Crawford. Nicole has three children of her own, and her first pregnancy was a turning point in her fitness. Nicole has personally experienced the demands of both natural and cesarean birth, and brings this experience to her workout programming. She is also a birth doula and could talk about pregnancy, birth, and babies all day.



Pregnancy Cycle 1

The first cycle of pregnancy workouts is appropriate for any woman who wants to improve strength, stability, and mobility. If you are at a beginner or intermediate fitness level, these are the workouts for you. Follow the links below to take you to each trimester of Cycle 1:


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Pregnancy Cycle 2

This cycle of Mommy workouts is intended for women at an intermediate or advanced fitness level. The workouts focus on regular movement throughout the day, long walks or hikes once a week, and easily modified bodyweight, barbell, and kettlebell workouts.


The Final Weeks Cycle

This cycle of Mommy workouts will build strength, improve movement quality, relieve aches and pains, and prepare for labor in the last six to eight weeks of pregnancy. The workouts combine strength training, mobility work, labor preparation exercises, and yoga. Follow the link below to see the entire cycle.


Fitness, pregnancy, mothers, women, women's fitness, prenatal health, post partum

Postpartum Cycles

Nicole has designed two postpartum cycles - a restorative for women who have had c-sections and a postpartum cycle for all women in the postpartum period. The restorative cycle is a gentle eight-week cycle for moms to restore and reconnect with their core post-cesarean. The postpartum cycle is a progressive cycle that aims to recondition the body after delivery with bodyweight and kettlebell exercises. Click the links below to see each cycle of workouts.



Complete Pregnancy



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