Motivation Is Garbage; Discipline Is Freedom

What would your life look like if you had the freedom to do whatever you want? Would it be all relaxation and goofing off? Spontaneity and fun? Probably not. In fact, it would probably involve a greater degree of discipline and structure than you have previously imagined. If that sounds counterintuitive, you’re going to want to keep listening.


Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink’s third book, the Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, is a tactical guide to the practices and philosophies he has employed in his own life. Through them, he has thrived in his combat career, excelled in civilian business, run a successful gym for a decade, and rocketed to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list.



Jocko sat down with Pete Hitzeman to talk about how his experiences in Iraq as a SEAL task unit commander allowed him to distill the fundamental tenets of leadership that are applicable to all organizations. We also explore how some of the messages and products the fitness industry pushes aren’t helping people get to their goals, and how his acceptance of the inherent nature of struggle in life has allowed him to never cease striving.


They touch on the practical benefits of constant discipline as well: since time and money are finite, you have to spend what you have wisely, if you want to have more. Finally, Jocko gives his take on what’s behind the paradigm shift in fitness from Jazzercise and Richard Simmons to Spartan Races and CrossFit.



Although it does contain a comprehensive workout guide, Discipline Equals Freedom is more than a workout book. It is a manifesto against personal weakness and excuse making; a step-by-step guide to reshaping the person you are into the person you wish to be. Jocko even used the book himself after the recent passing of his best friend in a tragic accident.


If you need more Jocko in your life, you can check out his podcast, follow him on Instagram, have him come revolutionize your business, or even put his face on your chest.

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