Pain-Free High Performance, With Dr. John Rusin, Ep 14

Dr. John Rusin is a physical therapist, but he's not one of those physical therapists who's going to tell you not to work too hard at the gym. In fact, he's worked with a lot of hardcore athletes - from major league baseball players, to Olympians, to powerlifters. Hard work in the gym is not something his clients avoid.


But, they do avoid pain and injury, and Dr. John helps them do that. 



As you will hear in the first few minutes of this podcast, Dr. John integrates high-performance training with pain-free methodologies on a daily basis - with all his clients. He has synergized these two approaches to obtain the best results based on his athlete's goals in an intelligently designed and pain-free manner.


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This synergistic viewpoint transfers to John's beliefs about training for aesthetics. He believes not only that people can tackle both training for performance and training for hypertrophy, but that they should do both. According to Dr. John, at the optimum level of performance, it's about taking the best from all disciplines. Therefore, he puts together programs based on individual goals and bodies, as opposed to particular camps of thought.


John feels a major part of the learning process is working out how you operate as an individual and matching your training with your current level of function. There can never be a one-size-fits-all, as not everyone works the same way, and not everyone is going to present the same way on a day-to-day basis.


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00:00 - New happenings at Breaking Muscle

02:50 - Introduction to Dr. John Rusin

03:31 - Combining high performance with a pain-free methodology

04:39 - Combining training for aesthetics and performance

05:43 - Training based on individual needs

06:30 - Why Olympians are the hardest type of athlete to work with

08:21 - Taking a step back to move forwards

09:26 - What the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale is and who should use it

11:35 - How to shift from a percentage-based program to using an RPE scale

14:18 - How lifestyle factors such as sleep play into RPE

15:57 - The purpose of the warm up for the strength athlete

21:00 - The conundrum of gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously

22:50 - What drove John to become a high performance physical therapist

28:58 - Why back injuries are unpreventable for most people

31:56 - How to improve your daily functional movement patterns

35:58 - How to perform hands-on myofascial release on yourself

40:00 - John and Kalli's upcoming Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Program

41:29 - Who the program is for and how they will benefit

42:20 - Differences in the program for men and women

43:58 - How to find Dr. John Rusin online


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